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we feel very optimistic about the Indian Education System as we work towards better learning with practical activities like Elocutions, Inter-house debates, Quiz Competitions, Skits and many more. We believe activities like these always help children to be creative while thinking on more practical level. Activities like Elocution help them build their confidence level to speak on stage.
To bring about the best in children is one of our highest priorities. This is why we encourage and in still the values and beliefs of some of India’s indomitable souls like Rabindranath Tagore, R.K Narayan, and Munshi Premchand to nurture a feeling of commitment, perseverance and accomplishment.
We believe in keeping students in the best of health so that they are able to excel in their learning process. For this we offer dance choreography for the students. Also yoga training is another activity that helps students to channelize their energies in a balanced way. We also do annual health check up of the students by best of Mumbai doctors.
Special coaching to extraordinary as well as remedial classes for slow learners are also provided as we believe everyone is different

and special in their own way and we want to bring out the best in all our students.
Parents of our school are of very big support to us and the students are soul of the school. My colleagues in the school are always giving their best to bring up the performance of the students. The highly supportive management is behind the present glory of the school. We thank you all on behalf of the New Horizon School Vasant Lawans

Dr. Japashree Mukherjee


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